Month: November 2018

Supreme Box Logo Hoodie For Corporate Marketing

Doesn’t it look so cool seeing people wearing their company name on their custom hoodies or the general public wearing a casual hoodie with some company slogan? Well, As marketing is a vital part in the corporate world, various organizations invest in bulk hoodies order to offer them in social media giveaways, gifts to company employees and also for retail purposes to help the organization reach out to the wider audience.

Why Custom Hoodies Work Successfully For Corporate Marketing?

It is an obvious point that during those chilly winter days, hoodies are the most comfortable choice for daily use. That is why the corporate organizations emphasize on distributing custom t-shirts with a logo of the specific companies because distribution is easy and demand of the hoodies will never be subdued.

Many companies plan on creating large printed or embossed logo or slogan on the hoodies to make them more noticeable, while some well-established companies often indulge in creating a small embroidered logo on the pocket, chest, back or waist. Although small, the logos on custom t-shirts are added strategically with distinct contrasting color so that users not only notice it but also the logo does not hamper the overall look by dominating the whole body. Click here Supreme Box Logo Hoodie for more details.

Benefits of Investing In Custom Hoodies For Marketing

Just like T-Shirts, the hoodies with a brand name can reflect the company statements and introduce the company to the wider user base. Apart from being a mobile signboard, this stylish and comfortable marketing tool can deliver your message.

  • The apparels can be customized easily according to the company agenda
  • Unlike full office apparels, these hoodies are produced quickly
  • For bulk custom t shirts printing, great discounts are available while ordering
  • These hoodies act directly as corporate marketing tools
  • Hoodies offer versatile usage and they are easy to wear for rough use and company promotion.
  • While other marketing campaigns are held for a specific time, say for example, a year maximum, the custom hoodies can be manufactured at a continuous pace. As they never get out of fashion, they do not need a fixed campaign period -their exposure is increased from time to time
  • Unlike other campaigns introduced to only a handful of areas, this marketing tool reaches on different corners of the world
  • Finally, they make measuring of ROI (Return On Investment) easier than other tools.

Corporate marketing with a dully designed apparel with brand slogan will not be fruitful, hence, the need arises for strategic customization –

  • Color -While most companies try to stay in a safe zone by selecting neutral colors like grey, black, navy blue and brown, thinking out of the box can make the hoodies more presentable and catch audience attention. Purple, Camo, dark green, Maroon, Red, White and Yellow are some of the offbeat colors to be used in custom hoodies design.Ø
  • Material -Gone are the days when hoodies were only worn during winter months; now the light and breathable cotton hoodies are rapidly taking over the market for their summertime use. Many are also going for the Polyester hoodies with the brand slogan or those with cotton and polyester blending as they look crisper. For winter use, the fleece hoodies are obviously the best choice. It is better if the company introduces hoodies with materials compatible for both summer and winter.Ø
  • Size -A free size hoodie can be a safe choice initially to let it be wearable for users of every figure. However, as the marketing strategy gradually starts to take a form and becomes popular, it is time to invest in differently sized custom design hoodies like XS, S, M, XL, XXL etc.Ø
  • Style -Hoodies can be fully zipped or quarter zipped or without zipping. You can also customize them by adding pockets on the chest or on waists.Ø
  • The hoodies can be custom built or used for the promotional purpose and as they are super comfy, wearing them daily for work or institution becomes viable.